Interventional Pneumology

Medical group with training in new diagnostic techniques for diseases or lung lesions and pleura through the skin, guided by ultrasound, minimally invasive and with minimal discomfort.

Procedures performed with specialized endoscopic equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of both benign and malignant bronchial, pleural and pulmonary diseases, with minimally invasive techniques avoiding the risk and pain of surgeries by open conventional techniques.

Interventional Procedures:

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    Endoscopic percutaneous tracheostomy:
    Minimally invasive tracheostomy cannula implant with bronchoscopy control.
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    Rigid Bronchoscopy:
    Removal of foreign body in the airway (trachea and bronchi)
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    Autofluorescence bronchoscopy:
    Early detection of lung cancer.
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    EBUS ultrasound bronchoscopy:
    For diagnosis of lesions outside the trachea and bronchi, guided by a 5 mm ultrasound at the end of the bronchoscope that allows to obtain better samples (cutting edge technology).
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    Endoscopic dilation of the trachea and bronchi:
    Resolves airway obstructions either by benign or malignant pathology.
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    Laser treatment for tracheomalacia and bronchomalacia:
    Using the Nd-YAG laser or diode the strengthening of the trachea and bronchial walls is performed to treat this disease. (cutting edge technology).
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    Resection of benign or malignant lesions of vocal cords, trachea and bronchi:
    Performed by different minimally invasive endoscopic techniques with electrocautery, argon plasma therapy and Nd-YAG or Diode laser.
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    Endotracheal and endobronchial brachytherapy:
    Local treatment of malignant tumors of the trachea and bronchi by endoscopic radiotherapy.
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    Endotracheal and endobronchial cryotherapy:
    For resection of malignant or benign lesions by application of nitrogen at low temperatures.
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    Endoscopic treatment of pulmonary, bronchial or tracheal bleeding:
    By laser therapy or mechanically with tracheal or bronchial stents and by Spigots implantation.
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    Implant of prosthesis in silicone or Netilón (called Stent) at the tracheal or bronchial level:
    For the treatment of lesions that obstruct the trachea or bronchi, whether benign or malignant.
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    Treatment of tracheal, bronchial and bronchpleural fistulas:
    Through laser endoscopic techniques, biological sealants or stent or spigots implants in endoscopic form (cutting edge technology).
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    Treatment of laryngeal papillomatosis in adults and pediatric
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    Bronchial thermoplasty:
    Endoscopic treatment for moderate to severe asthma by applying radiofrequency at the bronchial level (state-of-the-art technology).
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    Endobronchial valve implant or Cooils:
    For the treatment of pulmonary emphysema endoscopically. By means of devices placed in the bronchial tubes that allows the reduction of pulmonary enlargement, improving oxygenation, mobility capacity, quality of life and the feeling of suffocation. (cutting edge technology).
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